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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Go Oilers Go!

Hello sportsfans, it's your hero Pedro! You all know I'm a fiend for action and I've landed myself in the biggest sports party in the country! I'm here on Whyte Ave. the place of choice for Edmontonians to celebrate the Oilers run to the Stanley Cup. I just finished watching the Oilers take Game 5 and now it's time hit the streets and party. I've got myself a professionally made Oilers sign. So come along and enjoy the ride with me!

The media are everywhere here, especially CBC. That's Andree Lau doing a live hit. If you saw it, then you would have seen me in the background :)

Pedro's hunt for cute girls never ends...

Andree takes some time out of her busy work schedule to hang with yours truly

There are some crazy peeps out here.

Whoa, who said hockey hair is just a guy thing?

Even ladies in the west love them some Pedro

I wonder if I could get a jersey like that in my size?

Time to do some work.

Lots of media, but even more cops here.

It's Pimp my Ride, Oilers Style!

This is the best sign I've seen yet!

CBC Health reporter Terry Reith takes some time to check out the scene.

Ok, I thought those guys had a cool sign, but this chick's t-shirt is way better!

Once the local media knew I was here, they just couldn't stop following me.

... mmmm birthday cake! Who's birthday is it? How should I know??

Well, another night of partying is over. Unfortunately due to the large police presence I wasn't able to get any girls to flash me. Oh well, that'll have to wait until after Game 6 on Saturday night.


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