Adventures of Pedro the Locked Out Gnome

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The "P" in PEI stands for PEDRO!!

Alright, time to take it to the next level. Here I am at Pearson International Airport in Toronto ready to begin my cross-country adventure. Look out Canada... here comes Pedro!

Damn airport security, making me go in the checked luggage. This is no way for a gnome to travel. I bet that Travelocity Gnome gets to sit in first class, damn him.

First stop, the birthplace of Confederation! I've only just arrived in Charlottetown and the media (CBC of course) is here to welcome me.

Nancy: So, Pedro, do you think PEI is ready for you?

Me: The country's smallest province...the CBC's smallest icon... it's a perfect fit!

I think I could get used to life here on the Island...

... everyone here is so friendly!

And the award for PEI's best lockout beard goes to Stevie Stapleton!

Hey guys, does anyone still remember how to use all these knobs and dials?

Angela: So Pedro, tell us about your adventures. How did you get into the Broadcast Centre?

Me: I'll never tell. It's like Deep Throat. I'll reveal it when the "Associate" dies or gets a book deal.

The folks out here do good work. Let's just hope the powers-that-be in Toronto and Ottawa remember that the strength of CBC is in the regions, on the front lines.

It was picket captains like Sally Pitt who's endless hours keeping things running smoothly ultimately helped us stay together and achieve victory. Way to go!

Ok enough hanging out at the office, I brought some supplies on my trip, time to get this party started!

A martini and a gnome, so that's what the bargaining committee members are up to now that the lockout is over. Time to bust a move Brendan!

Oh my, this is getting out of hand.

Me and my man Andrew Sprague. He's actually not as evil as he looks... ok maybe a little bit.


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