Adventures of Pedro the Locked Out Gnome

Thursday, September 29, 2005

After yet another security check I finally made it to Question Period. I wasn't able to take my camera so unfortunately I don't have a picture.

You may have seen it on TV, but here's a brief description of what happened. It's not exact as my mind started to wander after the first half hour, but eventually they got to the CBC:

Hulk Hogan (aka Charlie Angus NDP) : Whatcha gonna do brotha, when thousands of Canadians run wild on you? Will you end the lockout?

Principal Skinner (aka Joe Fontana, Labour Minister) : Mr. Speaker, I have both sides in my office and they'll get detention if they don't come up with an agreement soon.

Me: Wow, way to act fast Joe! What are we in now, week 7? Hey, I hear FEMA has an opening for a new director.


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