Adventures of Pedro the Locked Out Gnome

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pedro's Question of the Day: Who's Hotter? Me or Travelocity Gnome (he doesn't even have a name, how lame is that?).

When you answer, remember one thing, I don't know where you live, but I can find out.... Oh wait, please don't take that as a threat, it's just so I know where to send the thank you card when you vote for me ;)


  • u r hotter, in my opinion! coz it is u before me instead of gnome!:)

    By Blogger sinaean, at 1:49 AM  

  • Oh know you are the only gnome for me!

    By Anonymous Tara, at 4:37 PM  

  • My dearest Pedro,

    To be locked out with you is to be locked out with a Gnome God. You are an inspiration. With you, my spirit will never be crushed.

    I dizzy in your presence and must go, but feel in your heart that I am thinking of you always.

    By Anonymous Esmerelda, at 1:39 AM  

  • It's you, Pedro. Hands down.

    I went out with Travelocity Gnome once ... no personality WHATsoever ... and what a wanker.

    (Wait - can a Gnome BE a wanker? Nevermind.)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:37 AM  

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